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For your college applications did you:

  • Register for and begin a CUNY, SUNY, and Common App application?

  • Use the College Application Starter packet to help you research about SUNY and CUNY? 

  • Register and begin school-specific applications for schools that do not use the Common App (ex. Pratt or SVA)? 

  • Pay or request for a fee waiver?


For your SUNY application did you:

  • Print out the fee waiver and turn it into the College Office? 

On your Common Application did you:

  • Indicate that you receive Free or Reduced Price Lunch or an SAT/ACT Fee Waiver? 

  • Complete supplementals? 

  • Click "Submit"?

  • Send your SAT or ACT Scores from your College Board or ACT Account?  (MANDATORY for schools that require the SAT/ACREMEMBER, it takes about 2 weeks for schools to receive your scores after you send them. Your applications will not be reviewed until they receive your scores, therefore you should send your scores at least 2 weeks BEFORE the deadline (ex. Sending SAT scores on December 15th for a January 1st deadline)

Instructions for sending SAT scores

Instructions for sending ACT scores

For Financial Aid, did you:

For Naviance did you:

  • Add list of schools to Naviance under "Colleges I'm Applying To"? (MANDATORY)

  • Request letters of recommendation on Naviance? (MANDATORY)

  • Update your application status to "Submitted" after you submitted your application? (MANDATORY, College Office will not submit counselor documents if this is not complete) 

  • Match CommonApp and Naviance Accounts? (MANDATORY, the College Office cannot submit counselor documents until this is complete)

For instructions on Naviance, click here.

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