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Regents/ SAT/ AP Review Links



  • Grades - are determined by your performance on test scores, reports, projects, homework and class participation. At the beginning of each semester, teachers will explain exactly how your grade is earned. Be sure to review your class contracts and syllabi. All marking periods count toward the final transcript grade that equals one credit earned. You must earn 44 credits plus 5 Regent exams (math, science, social studies, English and one additional regents in math, science or social studies) to graduate. There will be a midterm and a final exam at the middle and end of each semester, respectively. Parents and students will be notified of any scheduled state exams in advance or you can review the Guidance Calendar. High school is a four-year program and you must earn a certain number of credits each year.         

9th grade - you need 12 credits

10th grade - you need 24 credits

11th grade - you need 36 credits

12th grade – you need 44 credits

  • Report cards are issued six times a year. Report Cards indicate grades for each of your subject classes as well as absences and lateness for individual classes and comments from each teacher. The minimum passing grade is 65. If you receive a failing grade, you will have to repeat the class during summer school or the following academic year. Please note we are limited as to the number of seats we can offer repeating students during the summer school term. The grades on your 3rd (January) and 6th (June) report card are recorded on your high school transcript. A transcript is a record that documents every class and grade you received in high school. Transcripts travel with you from school to school. They are also used when you apply to college.

  • Academic Alerts – In the middle of each marking period, an academic alert will be mailed to parents

  • Tutoring and Regents Prep are usually offered after school in most subject areas. You are the only one who can make the effort to utilize these free-of-charge services. 


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